Trisha Paytas Halloween Costume Ideas & Tutorial: Barbie Queen of YouTube!

With 50% of Millenials and GenX’ers not watching TV (preferring to get their media strictly from the internet) it’s no wonder YouTubers are becoming just as famous as ‘traditional’ celebrities. And while new batches of internet stars rise and fall with each viral video, one fierce chica has remained a constant- YouTube’s reining Queen (and ‘OB’- Original Blonde), Trisha Paytas! 

If you want to dress up like a YouTuber for Halloween, I can’t think of a better (or more fun!) option than Trisha Paytas. With her insane, over the top (yet totally irresistible) style, fashion is her playground, and there are so many variations of Miss Trish you could portray for Halloween! You can also jazz things up with accessories and bring your own faux Mukbang (both the food AND the dog!) to your Halloween party. Below I’ve come up with some Trisha Paytas Halloween costume inspirations, so read on and gear up to transform into the ultimate blonde bombshell of the ‘net. (We also have a tutorial for Shane Dawson Halloween Costume - if you want to do a group YouTube'er Halloween costume with a friend, consider going as this iconic duo 'Trane'- ChooChoo!).

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Trisha Paytas Halloween Costume: Barbie Girl

Trisha Paytas doesn’t keep it a secret that she’s obsessed with Pink. From her custom G-Wagon to her bright clothes, she always stands out. Trisha is known for her curves, and she isn’t afraid to show them off. When dressing like Trisha Paytas for Halloween, you’ll want to pick an outfit that truly puts you front and center. 

The above image has photos from Trisha's 'Valentines Day Lookbook' YouTube video. After going through many videos on her channel, I felt the above style of clothing/dress would truly give the best representation of Trisha compacted into a Halloween costume. You really want to 'Go Big or Go Home'. Since everyone has a different body type as well as style of clothing they prefer, here are some options from Amazon for affordable Trisha Paytas style dresses. While the skinny legend herself is the queen of high end and designer fashions, dropping a few grand for a Halloween costume isn't do-able for most of us 'stans.


This dress is a great option for a Trisha Paytas Halloween costume. Not only is it super inexpensive, but the style is flattering on all body types and heights. Additionally, if you wanted to make an alteration (such as shorten it last minute), since it's polyester it's very easy to snip and sew - or even just snip if you're pressed for time! Add some accessories, heels, and Trisha's signature platinum locks, and you'll be a show stopper!

Trisha Paytas can rock a metallic dress like no one else. While this outfit is a bit daring, remember, it's the one day of the year where it's totally acceptable to wear a shiny pink mini dress out in public! So make the most of those 24 hours and be BOLD! (The shade of pink above is called 'Rose').

Here's another dress that could totally be Trish-afied with the right accessories. This hot pink 'lil number by GenX comes in array of sizes from Large to 3X. I ordered this dress last month and absolutely love the fit and style, plus it's very comfortable and of course, bright

Not only would this dress make an awesome Trisha Paytas Halloween Costume, but it's so darn pretty that you could keep it in your closet year round to wear to parties, events, weddings, dates - you name it! We've all seen Trisha ROCK a good bandage dress, and I really like that this one is adjustable- you can chose to wear it either as a strapless dress or with the straps. At $ 12.95 the price is unbeatable. 

This bodycon bandage dress by WhoInShop has some strong selling points: it comes in a wide range of sizes from XS to 3X, has TWO shades of pink you can choose from (hot pink or light pink), and the reviews are excellent! Very Barbie!

Now, Lets Spice Things Up with Some More DARING Trisha Paytas Halloween Costume Ideas!

Just make sure to grab some Double Sided Anti-Flash Tape (yes, this is actually a thing and it's genius!) if you go for this Luna Flower sexy little number!

While Trisha had her dress custom made, we found an affordable and stunning DawnSnow pink sparkle dress on Amazon! Miss America meets Glinda!

Trisha Paytas 'Crying on the Kitchen Floor' Look

Now that the Queen has her King in the form of fellow Youtuber Jason Nash, we HOPE that Trisha will never have to cry on her kitchen floor again. However, you have to admit, those were some of her most well known and iconic videos. Only Trisha could make cryin' in the kitchen a "thing". She was known to do it in her vintage UCLA tee, and while the exact shirt is no longer available, here are some dupes:

Trisha Paytas Hair: Finding the Perfect Blonde Wig

Getting the right wig is the KEY to the pulling off the perfect Trisha Paytas Halloween costume. Unless you already have a head full of platinum blonde extensions, to really nail the Trish look, you need to invest in a decent wig. DO NOT get a wig from one of the big box Halloween stores. The "hair" they use is essentially plastic. It looks horrible, is thin, unable to be styled and will destroy the look. Also, for the price the Halloween Stores charge, you can get a decent wig from Amazon for just about the same amount! I've spent the past two hours going through platinum blonde wigs on Amazon- reading the reviews, looking at customer pictures, and seeing what the wigs and caps are made from. Below I've narrowed down the best options. 

This wig has great reviews, and the length and already wavy style is very close to Trisha Paytas' current hair. The company says the wig is also heat-friendly and can be styled. 

Stepping up the wig game a bit, here we have a very long, platinum blonde, lace front wig. With all 5-Star reviews on Amazon, this wig seems like the best choice. There is a little bit of work involved with cutting the lace on the front, but they give you instructions both with the order and on their Amazon page, making it very, very simple- so don't be intimidated! If you want the most authentic looking Trisha Paytas wig without spending a fortune, this seems like the way to go. Below I've inserted some customer's pictures from the Amazon reviews (I've blurred out their faces for privacy) so you can see just how fabulous it looks. A lot of people have mentioned they've used this specific wig for Barbie Halloween costumes, too!

Trisha Paytas Halloween Costume Shoes

When it comes to Trisha Paytas' shoes, don't think of ANYTHING less than sky high pumps. Seriously...don't you dare! We know our girl loves Jesus, and the higher the heel, the closer to Heaven! We've seen her in custom bedazzled pumps, to clear lucite stripper shoes and everything in between. Here are some shoes that would go fabulously well with that Trisha Paytas Halloween costume we've been crafting!

While shoes can basically speak for themselves, I wanted to note that the above shoe comes in an impressive amount of sizes- from US 5 to 15! Love companies that don't just stock 6 to 9's!

Trisha Paytas with her "wedding shoes" (5000.00 Jimmy Choo Rhinestone Pumps!)

Trisha's pink satin 'Loubs are way out of my price range, the closest 'dupe I could find on Amazon starts at around 25.00. And did you know they actually sell red bottom shoe sole covers?! Hey, fake it 'til you make it, I guess!

Trisha Paytas Halloween Costume Accessories 

Trisha Paytas Mukbang for Halloween (Bring Your Own Fake Mukbang!)

Trisha Paytas and Mukbangs go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. She is SO famous for her incredible mukbang eating shows that she even named her new Pomeranian puppy Mukbang! When putting together your Trisha Paytas Halloween costume, bringing your own mukbang will take the costume to an entirely new level. With a little DIY magic, this can be easily accomplished. Here's what you will need:

  •  1) Light Weight Carrying Tray with Straps 

  • For under ten dollars on Amazon, you can get a super light weight waitress tray with hands free straps (often used in 1920's Cigarette Girl costumes). 

    Next you'll want to grab some fake food toys. There are a few options on Amazon for fast food items (which I think would be the most authentic for a Trisha Paytas mukbang, since the YouTube Queen LOVES her fast food and chain restaurants!). From there you'll glue the food to the tray.

    Best & Most Inexpensive Fake Play Food Options:

    • 49 Piece Food Play Set by Fun Little Toys ($12.99 on Amazon) *CURRENTLY ON SALE FOR $10.00 OFF- NORMAL PRICE IS $24.99*

    • Pizza, ice cream, hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, fries, onion rings, drink, chicken nuggets, corn, condiments and more...with 49 pieces, this children's food play set really has it all. At time of writing, it's currently on sale for $12.99 - the normal price is $24.99

      If you want your faux Mukbang to look the most McDonalds / Fast Food authentic, this is the fake fast food food play set to go with. It's a little more expensive since it's wooden versus plastic, but don't worry about it being too heavy- all together the 26 pieces only weigh one pound.

      A 'Real' Mukbang to go with your Mukbang: Stuffed Pomeranian Puppy!

      What would a Paris Hilton costume be without a fake Tinkerbell Chiahuha to carry around? Now that Trisha has her own little furball of love, get a Pomeranian stuffed animal to look like her dog Mukbang! You can sit him on the tray with the food, carry him in your arms or even your purse!

      TIP: Don't Forget Your Hot Glue Gun!

      Since the perfect Trisha Paytas Halloween costume requires a little 'DIY', make sure you have a good quality glue gun to put together the mukbang tray and anything else you are crafting. The best deal I found is a hot glue gun that comes with 60 glue sticks for only $ 8.95. That's a total steal!

      Get that Chest!

      Another...big...thing Trisha Paytas is known for is her chest. She's been very open with her experiences with plastic surgery to get the results she wants. It's easy to mimic this for her Halloween costume- just get a really great padded bra and "chicken cutlet" inserts (or for true Do-It-Yourself, take a pair of socks, roll them up, and put them into the padded bra cup. You'll get extra lift, size, and volume). Here is the highest reviewed (and most affordable) bra and chicken cutlet inserts on Amazon:

      Trisha Paytas Glasses (Fake Women's Glasses)

      Trisha looks SO good in her glasses (as Jason says, she looks like "the host of a Playboy radio show"). While her specs are actually for vision correction, we found a pair with fake lenses on Amazon. They remind us of fellow YouTuber SSSniperWolf glasses, which has become a bit of her trademark. Both Trish and Sniperwolf have never made glasses look so good!

      ...and finally - Name Tags!

      While Trisha Paytas is an icon in the YouTube community, you might want to consider adding a name tag to confirm your identity (and not constantly have to deal with being asked "Who are you dressed up as" - or to avoid being confused with a Barbie Doll!- if you're going to a party with sad, sad people who actually have lives and aren't total YouTube stans). The badges aren't sold individually or as pins, but the cheapest on Amazon is a pack of 100 "Hello My Name is" stickers for $ 3.93. 

      If you dress up like Trisha Paytas for Halloween, PLEASE let us know (and most importantly, show us the pics!). This year we're launching our first contest. Dress up with any look pictured on the blog, Tweet or email us your pics, and on November 1st we'll announce on the blog our two favorites. The first prize winner will receive a $100.00 Amazon e-Gift Certificate, and the second place winner will receive a $ 50.00 Amazon e-Gift Certificate! This contest is open world-wide. All you need is a valid email address to receive your prize, and be willing to give us permission to post your winning entry photo on the blog. Winners will be announced on November 1st at 6pm PST.

      Make sure to check out the AMAZING & Beautiful Trisha Paytas online:

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