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POST MALONE: Halloween Costume Tutorial & Ideas (Men's Halloween Costume Ideas) DIY

Let's be honest- when it comes to Halloween costumes, girls typically seem to have many more options than males. But it doesn't have to be that way! If you're looking for a unique men's Halloween costume idea that's the perfect amount of pop culture mixed with cool, all it takes is a little planning to put together the perfect Post Malone Halloween Costume...and we're giving you all the step by step instructions! Post Malone has been a breakout rap star since "White Iverson" was released and his success skyrocketed with "Congratulations" & "Rockstar". Everyone knows who Post Malone is, so you won't have anyone questioning "Who are you supposed to be?" when walking into a Halloween party, and dressing in costume as Post Malone is SO much better than the over-done, off the rack costumes the big box Halloween stores sell. Follow the below steps to be the star of any Halloween event you attend!

Step 1: The Clothes  (Pos…

Kylie Jenner Halloween Costume: Ideas & Tutorials for Outfits, Shoes & Wigs!

      Kylie Jenner Halloween Costume Ideas &            Tutorials : Everything's Coming Up Kylie!

With Halloween just around the corner, it's time to start planning the perfect costume. From the birth of her daughter Stormi, to her wildly successful LipKit, makeup line & the covergirl of every tabloid, 2018 was THE year of Kylie Jenner. What could be better (or more fun) than crafting the perfect Kylie Jenner Halloween costume? With an array of fashion choices, bold outfits, seemingly endless hair changes (black to pink to platinum blonde) and creative makeup, there are so many different options for a Kylie Jenner Halloween costume.

I've combed through hundreds of Kylie Jenner photos from 2018 to find some of her best and most memorable outfits. From there I've searched for similar outfits (or "Kylie Jenner fashion 'dupes" as the fashion blogs call them), that are a tad more affordable than her traditional designer duds, and compiled them below wi…

Shane Dawson Halloween Costume Tutorial: The Ultimate Guide to Shane & Crew Looks

Shane Dawson was one of YouTube's first big stars. Having been on the platform for over a decade, he continues to thrive and has become more popular than ever, thanks to his personality, humor, and just plain TALENT. His recent venture into YouTube docu-series has skyrocketed him to another level of fame and respect. There is no one more hardworking (and loved!) than Shane. I don't think I've ever been more excited for an upcoming YouTube video than I am for the Shane Dawson 'The Mind of Jake Paul' 8 Part Series!

With YouTube being one of the most popular websites to watch content in the world, dressing as a YouTube star is an excellent Halloween choice (we recently did The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Trisha Paytas Halloween Costume). Since my YouTube Queen's tutorial is done, we're moving on to my king, and below we've detailed how to create an epic Shane Dawson Halloween Costume, piece by piece. This weekend we will also be devoting posts to 'Sh…