Kylie Jenner Halloween Costume: Ideas & Tutorials for Outfits, Shoes & Wigs!

      Kylie Jenner Halloween Costume Ideas &            Tutorials : Everything's Coming Up Kylie!

With Halloween just around the corner, it's time to start planning the perfect costume. From the birth of her daughter Stormi, to her wildly successful LipKit, makeup line & the covergirl of every tabloid, 2018 was THE year of Kylie Jenner. What could be better (or more fun) than crafting the perfect Kylie Jenner Halloween costume? With an array of fashion choices, bold outfits, seemingly endless hair changes (black to pink to platinum blonde) and creative makeup, there are so many different options for a Kylie Jenner Halloween costume.

I've combed through hundreds of Kylie Jenner photos from 2018 to find some of her best and most memorable outfits. From there I've searched for similar outfits (or "Kylie Jenner fashion 'dupes" as the fashion blogs call them), that are a tad more affordable than her traditional designer duds, and compiled them below with links and photo inspirations. I've also looked for the most realistic Kylie Jenner wigs. So if you plan on taking the plunge and dressing as this pop culture icon, check out our ideas for Kylie Jenner Halloween costumes below! If you do end up going as Kylie, send us pics! You'll definitely be the best dressed at ANY Halloween party you attend!

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         Kylie Jenner Black and Gold Dress & 
                   Black Thigh High Boots

Kylie Jenner seems to be on everyone's best dressed list, and has a way of looking incredible no matter what she's wearing! Lately she's been taking a cue from her big sister Kim Kardashian and rockin' elegant, detailed dresses. I absolutely adore this geometric black and gold dress, especially the sequin detailing. 

 Kylie Jenner LOVES a good black thigh-high stiletto boot. Not only is this boot a near exact match to the pair she has, but it's something that you can work into your wardrobe, and not just tuck away after Halloween. At $ 36.12 on Amazon, it's extremely affordable and a great deal for what you're getting.

   Kylie Jenner Pink Latex / Leather Mini Dress

I love that Kylie is more than willing to take fashion risks. While this dress is in no means traditional, I'm crazy about it. Here are a couple of options if you want to take the plunge and imitate this dress for your Kylie Jenner Halloween costume. 

   Kylie Jenner White Tassel / Fringe Jumpsuit                        

A 2018 take on the 1920's flapper look, tassels have never looked so modern! The first option above is a two piece, while the second option below is a one piece. I didn't think the photos of the second option on Amazon were a good representation (for some reason they chose to photograph a white jumpsuit on a white background?!). The company also sells the same jumpsuit in black and olive, so I inserted a picture of the same jumpsuit in the olive color so you are able to see the detailing and tassels better. It's VERY similar to the original Kylie Jenner jumpsuit.

    Kylie Jenner Shoes
    Based on the photos, Kylie Jenner wore a pair of pinkish-nude colored satin pointed-toe pumps with her white jumpsuit. Above is the closest duplicate I could find. If you're not crazy about pumps, I thought the shoes below would also go really well with this style Kylie Jenner costume.

    Kylie Jenner in her little red dress is my absolute FAVORITE fashion look. There's just something so sexy about a red dress, and she made a simple and classic outfit stunning. Another plus is that you can get a near exact replicate for very cheap! A Kylie Jenner Halloween costume that doesn't break the bank is an A+ in my book! 

                Kylie Jenner Wig for Halloween

    This year Kylie Jenner has changed her hair quite a few times. Currently she is a (long) platinum blond. Wigs are one of the most important parts of the costume. As I've said before, I highly advise against buying a cheap wig from the big box Halloween stores, as they are almost always poor quality and just look cheap. It can ruin the entire look. Amazon has some great wigs that are often priced similarly to what the Halloween store sells the low quality wigs for. Here are options for Kylie Jenner wigs in platinum blonde / bleach blonde, and black. I've also included real customer pictures from the Amazon reviews so you can get a better idea of what the wigs really look like (I've blurred out the reviewer's faces for privacy).

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