POST MALONE: Halloween Costume Tutorial & Ideas (Men's Halloween Costume Ideas) DIY

Let's be honest- when it comes to Halloween costumes, girls typically seem to have many more options than males. But it doesn't have to be that way! If you're looking for a unique men's Halloween costume idea that's the perfect amount of pop culture mixed with cool, all it takes is a little planning to put together the perfect Post Malone Halloween Costume...and we're giving you all the step by step instructions! Post Malone has been a breakout rap star since "White Iverson" was released and his success skyrocketed with "Congratulations" & "Rockstar". Everyone knows who Post Malone is, so you won't have anyone questioning "Who are you supposed to be?" when walking into a Halloween party, and dressing in costume as Post Malone is SO much better than the over-done, off the rack costumes the big box Halloween stores sell. Follow the below steps to be the star of any Halloween event you attend!

Step 1:
The Clothes 
(Post Malone Halloween Costume DIY Clothes / Shirts / Pants)

Option One: The Oversized Flannel Shirt

Post Malone is a pretty chill guy, so you don't have to worry about spending an arm and a leg trying to imitate designer duds like many celebs wear. He's always dressed casually. One type of shirt that has become synonymous with Postie is the oversized flannel. He's worn them to everything from interviews to award shows. Here are some of the most accurate Post Malone flannel shirts, combined with the best (most inexpensively) priced. Make sure if you order from Amazon to sign up for their free trial of Amazon Prime- not only do you get super fast *FREE* 2 day express shipping, but there are a tons of other perks, from free shows/movies, music, books (and that doesn't even begin to cover it).

This brand of flannel shirt is PERFECT for a Post Malone Halloween Costume Shirt: You can choose your favorite color/pattern in 24 different options! Plus it comes in a huge array of sizes ranging from Small to XXXXX-L & Tall options. The price is unbeatable for the quality and it has nearly TWO THOUSAND five star reviews on Amazon! Add in Free Two Day Express Shipping with the Amazon Prime Free Trial, and, well, it's one hell of a deal.

Option Two: Post Malone Young & Reckless Shirt

Over the past year Post Malone has been wearing a ton of shirt from the brand Young and Reckless, which is very in-style with all the celebrities. While a lot of the specific shirts he's worn don't seem to be available (I'm wondering if he's had some speciality made), here are the links to the closest options.

  • Post Malone Young & Reckless Unauthorized Tee in White or Red ($ 21.95 on Amazon)
Post Malone has been photographed in Young & Reckless brand teeshirts in the 'Unauthorized' style. Currently, it appears that the black color is not being sold, however, they do still have it in white and red!

Option Three: Post Malone Jerseys

Option Four: Post Malone 'Formal'

Step 2:
The Accessories

(Post Malone Grill / Wig / Etc. for Halloween)

Getting the accessories right is absolutely crucial for any costume. It truly is the little things that make all the difference! And when it comes to a Post Malone Halloween costume, this will really push the costume over the edge into greatness. 

Must Have: Post Malone Grill (for teeth- not cooking! 😉)

Like many of the top rap stars, Post Malone is often seen sporting a grill. While his is undoubtedly custom made and costs thousands of dollars, you can get a quite remarkable imitation grillz online that will work well for Halloween. While I'm a female fashion & costume blogger, I have to admit- I have experience with "make your own" grills. Back in high school I dressed up as Kendra Wilkenson from Playboy's 'The Girls Next Door', and at one point she used to wear a grill! I ordered a couple options online and was surprised at how easy they were to wear. The Grill comes with a squishy, silicone bar inside. You basically just bite down onto it and it forms a mold of your teeth and then hardens within 15 seconds. From there you have a perfectly fitted grill! (The grills all come with instructions on how to use, but believe me, it's the easiest thing in the world to do). 

*Note: Some teeth Grills you buy online are bad quality & fall apart- I've gone through the reviews and am only posting Grills that have good reviews and are not too expensive. 

Post Malone is most often seen with either his all gold grill or his pink diamond grill. The best option I've found online is this moldable 24K plated Grillz. At only $11.99 plus free shipping, it's a great price and the perfect replica for your Post Malone Halloween costume!

Post Malone's Pink Diamond Grill is certainly a head turner, and here is the closest option for your own hip hop style grill for Halloween!

Post Malone Tattoos (Temporary Tattoos)

Post Malone Temporary Tattoos on Amazon

Fashiontats on Amazon makes EXACT replicas of Post Malone Tattoos - temporary, of course! They have the entire set, and are the ONLY company that offers the entire bumdle of Post Malone face tattoos, hands tattoos, and arm tatttoos. They also give you tattoo remover for free! Check o hip hop style grill for Halloween!

Post Malone Wig Options for Halloween

Post Malone almost always has braids in his hair- sometimes his entire head in braided, sometimes just sections are. As I always state in my Halloween costume guides, wigs are one of the most important parts of any costume. I always stay away from the big-box Halloween store's wigs, as they are generally horribly made, plastic, sparse and can really ruin a costume. Amazon has much better quality wigs at similar price points. Lately, Post Malone has had bangs. If you are willing to put a little bit of work into it, you can take a good quality, long brown wig with with bangs, add a few braids, give it a little bit of a "messy" look with some hair pomade, and you could made it very authentic looking Post Malone wig. Here is an option for a wig that you can add a little "Do it yourself' magic to by adding some small braids and messing it up. If you don't know how to braid, here is a tutorial. It's very easy- and if you feel that you are totally clueless hair-wise (which I guarantee you you're not! Everyone has to start somewhere, and braids are a good, simple starting point!), ask a friend or family member for some help styling the wig. 

Other Post Malone Wig Options (That Could Be Styled to Look like his Hair)

*Note: This is an unfinished guide, which will be completed within the next 48 hours. Still to come is how to replicate Post Malone's tattoos for the Halloween costume & accessories including grill, chain, Post Malone wig, etc. Stay tuned!


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