Shane Dawson Halloween Costume Tutorial: The Ultimate Guide to Shane & Crew Looks

Shane Dawson was one of YouTube's first big stars. Having been on the platform for over a decade, he continues to thrive and has become more popular than ever, thanks to his personality, humor, and just plain TALENT. His recent venture into YouTube docu-series has skyrocketed him to another level of fame and respect. There is no one more hardworking (and loved!) than Shane. I don't think I've ever been more excited for an upcoming YouTube video than I am for the Shane Dawson 'The Mind of Jake Paul' 8 Part Series!

With YouTube being one of the most popular websites to watch content in the world, dressing as a YouTube star is an excellent Halloween choice (we recently did The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Trisha Paytas Halloween Costume). Since my YouTube Queen's tutorial is done, we're moving on to my king, and below we've detailed how to create an epic Shane Dawson Halloween Costume, piece by piece. This weekend we will also be devoting posts to 'Shane's Crew' Halloween costumes- Ryland, Morgan, Garrett and Andrew. Hello, iconic group costume!

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Shane Dawson's Shirt

Shane Dawson mech is available exclusively through his store. And the best part is, Shane is constantly wearing his own merch (specifically his "Oh My God!" pig teeshirt). Not only will you be able to get the exact shirt he wears in real life for your Shane Dawson Halloween costume, but you'll also be supporting him and his creative endeavors by buying his merch. We love a supportive sister!

Start you Shane Dawson Halloween Costume with his 'Oh My God' Pig Tee Shirt Merch!

Another great choice is Shane's infamous "I'll Go Home" green merch shirt

* I didn't even realize until I began looking into Shane Dawson's merch that he now has quite an array of different options to chose from! Below I'll insert pictures of long sleeve options. Clicking the photo will take you directly to the item on his Amazon store. 

                        Shane Dawson's Pants

So we've got Shane's shirt settled, but what about pants for the Halloween costume? Looking through Shane's YouTube channel, clothing-wise he keeps things pretty simple. In most videos he is wearing a pair of black pants/jeans, or occasionally, athletic style shorts. Here are some of the most inexpensive (but highly reviewed) options so you don't break the bank.

                 Shane Dawson Style Wig

While Shane is known for snatching wigs- not wearing them - unless you have short hair already, you will want to get a wig. Shane has incredible hair. The color is gorgeous, it's full and healthy looking, and he typically wears it in a "messy-neat" style. I've gone through LOTS of male wigs, and have narrowed it down based on the color, style, and reviews.

This is my favorite wig for a Shane Dawson costume. The color is pretty similar, and it's already cut in a short style. It's heat friendly, and you could easily style it similar to Shane's hair with very little fuss. You'll want to make sure you have a pomade with a heavy hold so you are able to style it and keep it in place for the long haul. LURE BeesWax Pomade for Men has really good reviews and is one of the cheapest I found online. Pomades are something that are easily overlooked- I learned the hard way to plan in advance last year when I tried to style a wig shortly before a party with gel I bought from The Dollar Store, which ended up basically just being water!

Another wig option for your Shane Dawson Halloween Costume. This wig comes in several colors, so if you end up purchasing this one make sure you select the correct color (light brown). The reviews seem to be pretty good, and while it definitely could work, I don't think it looks as "authentic" as the first wig above. However, if you're on a budget this wig is nine dollars cheaper. Don't forget the pomade styling gel if you don't already have some!

Third option for a Shane Dawson style wig! (I never imagined I would spend three hours on Amazon reading reviews for men's wigs!). And, once again- don't forget the pomade styling gel!

       Shane Dawson's Gucci Slides / Shoes

This was the summer of the Gucci Slide for Shane, Ryland, Morgan and crew! And while Shane never seems too into designer fashion (cue his signature eyeroll at Ryland's over the top fashion shows- God, I love those two!), we KNOW he's been rockin' the expensive slides! Since dropping a grand on slides for a Halloween costume isn't too realistic, here are some 'dupes from Amazon!

         Shane Dawson's Beard/Facial Hair

Shane generally has some sort of facial hair in the form of a very slight beard / scruff. Since at least 50% of the population isn't going to be able to grow it out naturally, the magic of makeup has to come into play! There are a lot of costume companies that sell fake facial hair, but I haven't been able to find anything that is a perfect match- most of their beards are much too thick. If you really want to purchase actual hair to go on your face, I'd probably go with the one in the picture below since it's fairly sparse (and you may be able to cut or pluck to make it even lighter).

Here is a great YouTube makeup tutorial showing how to give yourself the perfect facial hair with makeup (Beard & Facial Hair Makeup Tutorial Youtube). It's EXTREMELY easy, and to make it even simpler we've found and listed all the products you need below at the cheapest prices on Amazon:

1) Stipple Sponge (3 pack for $ 5.73)

2) TAG Aqua Face Paint in Brown

3) TAG Aqua Face Paint in Black

*NOTE* You can get the TAG Paint in one pot that is half light brown / half dark brown for $ 12.71 which is much cheaper and a better deal than buying both the brown and black individually! You can easily substitute the dark brown for black in this look since Shane's beard is not dark, so I'd recommend going with this cheaper option. 

4) Eye Shadow Palette with a Range of Different Browns and a Black *(Multiple Options Below)*

5) Makeup Brushes - Multiple Angled & 'Puffed' - This 24pc Kit Has it All! ( $10.99 on Amazon)

                     Shane Dawson Accessories

Shane has many sidekicks- some are living. Some....are not. "Baby Benjamin" is most often 'hanging with the crew when Garrett is around. Unfortunately (or maybe actually fortunately), Benjamin appears to be one of a kind. I can't find him for sale anywhere online. But here, take this! It's the most reasonably priced odd and rather upsetting looking baby doll on Amazon! Do you know how expensive baby dolls are? It was hard to find any for under $30.00, but this little guy in his stonewashed overalls and train conducter hat will do the trick. Choo Choo! (If you REALLY want a Benjamin, glue some hair from a blonde wig on him, I guess).

One of my favorite Shane Dawson's is QUEEN Shane Dawson....Queen of Shade. Here is an adult size tiara- the reviews say it doesn't squeeze or give a headache which is important.

  • Queen Shane's Fake Fur Coat
If you'e REALLY devoted to the Shade Queen look, here are a couple options for fake fur coats. PLEASE don't buy real fur!

If you dress up like Shane Dawson for Halloween, PLEASE let us know (and most importantly, show us the pics!). This year we're launching our first contest. Dress up with any look pictured on the blog, Tweet or email us your pics, and on November 1st we'll announce on the blog our two favorites. The first prize winner will receive a $100.00 Amazon e-Gift Certificate, and the second place winner will receive a $ 50.00 Amazon e-Gift Certificate! This contest is open world-wide. All you need is a valid email address to receive your prize, and be willing to give us permission to post your winning entry photo on the blog. Winners will be announced on November 1st at 6pm PST.

Make sure to check out the incomparable Shane Dawson online:

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