Star Wars Dog Costumes - Best of 2019

Star Wars Dog Costumes

The Best of Halloween Pet Costumes of 2019 Reviews

Did you know that 21% of pet owners in the United States dressed their cat or dog up for Halloween last year? With such a huge market for Halloween pet costumes, it seems like every pet store and big box retailer is trying to get in on craze! After some not so great experiences with poor quality animal outfits in the past, I've decided to seek out & review some of my all time favorites, starting with Star Wars costumes for dogs, since my black lab mix (who recently passed her 4 week advanced obedience course & is training to be a Search, Rescue & Recovery Dog) will proudly be wearing her best Jedi costume. Depending on how training goes, perhaps by next Halloween, she will reach the ranks of Jedi Master!

Star Wars Bantha Rider Dog Costume

Bantha Rider - Star Wars Dog Costume

Turn your home into Tatooine this Halloween, and allow sand people to hitch a courtesy ride on your dog as they turn into a handsome Bantha for the night! This costume is AMAZING. Whether you're hosting a Halloween party, or want to make the Trick or Treaters smile, this Star Wars Dog costume is the creme de la creme, and guaranteed to impress.

The Bantha costume for dogs comes in one size, and seems to fit medium sized breeds the best. However, because the straps are adjustable I've also seen it also work well on small and large pups with a few tweaks. When it comes to dog costumes, I always recommend grabbing some No Sew Velcro. It has a sticky back for fabric, can easily be cut, is super easy to use, and allows you to make adjustments to every aspect of a pet costume if needed. It's also great to just have around the house- I can't tell you how many times it's randomly come in handy since I got some two years ago.
Click to view on Amazon: Star Wars Dog Halloween Costume: Bantha Rider 

Star Wars R2D2 Dog Costume

R2D2 Pet Costume

How cute is this R2D2 dog costume?! The pitbull in the photo on the right is an Amazon reviewer's dog dressed up, and I just want to reach through the screen and give it kisses. The great thing about this costume is that it comes in a range of sizes, from small to large! 
Click to view on Amazon: R2D2 Star Wars Dog Costume

Because some of the listings don't have a size guide visible (or it can be hard to read), I've created a pet costume sizing guide graphic that I hope can be a little more effective. The info is taken directly from Rubie's Costume (who makes the R2D2 Star Wars Dog Costume) *Edit: I just noticed that people have used size small as an R2D2 cat costume as well! 


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