6ix9ine Costume - Tekashi69 Halloween Costume Tutorial

     6ix9ine Costume • Tekashi69 Halloween Costume Tutorial

Tekashi69 Halloween Costume Ideas 6ix9ine Halloween Costume Tutorial Tattoos Rainbow Wig Chains Grillz Clothing
Best Tekashi 69 Halloween Costume Tutorial

While the real Tekashi69 is currently in jail, that doesn't mean you can't take his place at Halloween parties this year! If done well, 6ix9ine is an EXCELLENT choice for a Halloween costume, since he has an extremely unique and colorful look, and is currently one of the most famous and recognizable people in the world due to his 'trouble with the law' getting non-stop press coverage.

Check out this page for an extremely detailed outline of absolutely everything you could need for the perfect 6ix9ine Halloween costume (and I mean everything, from the rainbow wig to exact replica of his grillz, chains, clothing, and even tattoos): Tekashi 69 Halloween Costume Tutorial (via BestHalloweenIdeas.com)

                                          6ix9ine Costume Necessities:

Here's a preview of some great items available online for a perfect 6ix9ine Halloween costume. These are just a few snippets, make sure to check out the blog entry by clicking the link above to view everything (seriously, go over there, much more is listed!).

1) 6ix9ine Tattoos 

6ix9ine Tattoos

Did you know you can get temporary 6ix9ine tattoos on Amazon that are EXACT replicas/size of the tattoos Tekashi69 has? Check them out on Amazon here: Tekashi69 Temporary Tattoos

2) 6ix9ine Grillz

Tekashi69 Grillz are legendary. There are two different 6ix9ine grillz, one that looks like his rainbow vampire teeth grill, or one that looks like his rainbow diamond grill.

                                   Tekashi69 Rainbow Vampire Grill

Tekashi69 Grillz

                                                  Tekashi69 Rainbow Grill

6ix9ine Grill Replica

3) 6ix9ine Rainbow Wig

6ix9ine Wig Amazon

Tekashi69 is best known for his rainbow hair, so it's very important to get a perfect wig. The blog entry we linked above breaks down about 4 different options of the best reviewed rainbow wigs on Amazon that look the most like his actual hair, and here are two of those options. If you already have long hair, you could instead get two packs clip in rainbow hair extensions versus a wig. Don't forget the wig cap (surprisingly the cheapest option with free shipping is a pack of 4)!

6ix9ine Rainbow Wig

4) 6ix9ine Jewelry & 6ix9ine Chains Replicas

The internet seriously has everything. There are even almost exact replicas of Tekashi69 jewelry and chains (he always wears a 69 on his neck and a Jigsaw). And the two 6ix9ine chains are only $19.99 for both!
6ix9ine Chains Replica

4) 6ix9ine Clothing for Halloween Costume (Shirt, Hoodie)

There's so many different types of clothing you could wear for a 6ix9ine costume (there's even a Tekashi69 Snitch Shirt, and a Tekashi69 Jail Costume!). To see ideas, go to the blog linked above. I also put some of my favorite options I've found on Amazon below. It should show up in a Grid-Form...click it, and it will bring you directly to the Amazon listing.

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