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Since 2018 has been the year of the YouTuber, it's no question as to why a Tana Mongeau Halloween costume would be at the top of our lists! Tana Mongeau has been breaking YouTube barriers, going from a teen story time YouTuber and crossing into mainstream media with her music and just overall charisma! Earlier this year, TanaCon, (a convention-with-the-best-intentions) turned rather--disastrous--and was discussed worldwide on podcasts, TV gossip shows, and even turned into a Youtube 'The Truth About TanaCon Series' by Shane Dawson. But then something incredible happened...Tana was able to turn it around, and made a comeback of epic proportions. We've 'gotta hand it to her- Tana has something very special about her, and her millions of subscribers seem to agree.

If you're thinking about dressing up as the gorgeous platinum blonde songstress and YouTuber Tana Mongeau, we've gone piece by piece to get some ideas, taking inspiration from her recent music videos, Instagram and Youtube channels. From 'dupes of her fabulous clothes down to wigs and even socks, put it all together to create your own Tana Mongeau Halloween Costume! To begin Tana's 'Get The Look' series, we'll be looking at the clothes / sexy school girl costume worn in her 'I'm a Fuck Up' Music Video. (Make sure to to get F**k Up on iTunes, she did such a good job with this song & video!).

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Tana Mongeau 'Fuck Up' Music Video Look
Tana puts a Trendy Look on the Classic "Sexy School Girl Costume"

Tana Mongeau Shirt: Long Sleeve Crop Top

In the 'F**k Up' music video (and pictured on her Instagram), Tana's best outfit is without a doubt the sexy school girl costume look. She starts it off in the classroom scene with a long sleeved black crop top, which is not only super trendy-but super cheap- on Amazon!

Tana Mongeau Music Video Skirt: Blue Sexy School Girl Skirt

Tana is seen wearing two different school girl skirts in the video, and we've found options for a happy medium between both. Stick with a navy blue color that's patterned. You can opt for a low price point and get a very cute blue pinstripe school girl skirt for just under ten bucks, or even get an entire school girl outfit for between $6.99 -14.99 depending on size, and just use the skirt portion. We've put the best options below.

Tana Mongeau Wig

Tana Mongeau's hair seems to ALWAYS be discussed in the comment section of her YouTube videos. She's totally open that she has extensions (it's nearly impossible to have platinum blonde hair her length without them). I mention in almost every celebrity Halloween costume tutorial that I absolutely believe a good wig is the most crucial part of the costume. The Halloween big-box stores have awful, plastic feeling wigs that ruin the look. You can get a decent wig on Amazon at the same price (or sometimes even lower) than what you would pay for a crappy wig at the store. I spend a lot of time reading reviews and looking at customer photos when searching for the best wigs for each celebrity costume, and these two seem like they would be the best Tana Mongeau wigs. One is $19.99, and the other is $39.99 (but is a very high quality long, blonde lace front wig, so you don't just have to save it for Halloween!). Wigs are especially important for a Tana Mongeau costume because her long, bleach-blonde locks are iconic!

                    Tana Mongeau Hair Bows

Two blue hair bows are clipped into Tana Mongeau's hair in the 'F**k Up' video. You can get the perfect set of extra large navy blue hair bows for just $6.99 on Amazon!

Tana Mongeau Thigh Highs / Leg Warmers

In the school scene Tana is wearing a pair of Navy Blue & White Striped thigh high stockings. In the therapist's office scene, she's wearing a pair of banded black nylon knee high socks.

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