Playboy Bunny Costume: Top 10 BEST Playboy Bunny Halloween Costumes & DIY

Playboy Bunny Costumes are one of the sexiest choices for any Halloween party. Since the popularity of Hugh Hefner and Playboy Magazine, the Playboy Bunny Halloween costume has become  synonymous with some of the most beautiful girls in the world, and is sure to turn heads. There's just something so iconic about this look! While you can pretty much walk into any Halloween store and find the typical off-the-rack generic Playboy Bunny costume, there are SO many better (and hotter!) options online. Did you know Amazon offers over 300 different styles of Playboy Bunny costumes? With so many to pick from, we've (literally) gone through them all, and narrowed it down to the top ten picks for the best Playboy Bunny Halloween costumes. To chose our winners, we've factored in several different things: price / affordability, completeness of the costume (you don't want to have to piece together 10 different costume parts from separate retailers), the 'hotness' factor (ie; the sexiest Playboy Bunny costumes online!), and quality (we've read through the reviews and are only featuring Playboy Bunny Halloween costumes that have solid 4 and 5 star reviews across the board). So without further adieu, here are our picks for the best Playboy Bunny Halloween Costumes.

          Velvet Kitten Playboy Bunny Costume

What this Playboy Bunny Costume Includes:
◆ Black corset-style body suit with padded cups.
◆ Playboy Bunny ears
◆ Sexy elbow length gloves
◆ Built-in bunny tail

Optional Add-Ons:
◆ Want a puffier bunny tail? Here's the best/cheapest option that you can pin right on: Fluffy Playboy Bunny Tail ($ 5.63 / Amazon)

◆ Thigh Highs: Here are the exact thigh highs from the photo: Sexy Lace Black Fishnet Thigh High Stockings

What this Playboy Bunny Costume Includes:
◆ Black sleeveless romper
◆ White tuxedo lapel & detailing
◆ Twin jacket tails (White)
◆ White Fluffy Playboy Bunny Tail
◆ White Cuffs
◆ Playboy Bunny ear headband

Optional Add-Ons:
*I'm OBSESSED with these striped thigh high stockings to go with this costume! They're so sexy & unique & would go perfectly with the tuxedo style of the Playboy Bunny Halloween costume!*


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