"Third Eye": Multi-Eyed Makeup Halloween Tutorial

Want to really creep people out this Halloween? With this cool eye makeup, you'll see everything!

Even those who aren't gifted artists should be able to pull this one off. Here's the tutorial on how to get this Halloween Eyes All Around Makeup.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! Before applying any makeup, you will want to set aside time to practice drawing the eyes on your face. Try using different products until you find what works best for you. While the Halloween colored face paint sticks/pencils would work great, this look can also be achieved using a thin but firm eyeshadow brush and different colored eye shadows..or different colors of pencil eyeliner. For the white part of the eyes, use white halloween face paint. This may seem daunting, but with a little time and practice you will notice a lot of improvement. Don't expect it to look perfect the first time you try, which is why we recommend working on this in advance (ie; don't do this 10 minutes before you have to leave for your Halloween party!)

- Apply primer to your face. While this is always technically optional, it's highly recommended, as it creates a "base" and allows your makeup to stay on and hold better
- Apply the base color all over, leaving blank spots for where you will draw in your eyes. In this picture, she used a light blue. This can be achieved in several different ways. If you don't have the color you want, buy the white Halloween face paint that comes in the tube (sold pretty much everywhere this time of year). Pour it in a bowl, and try mixing in some crushed up eye shadow in the desired shade to create your own color.
- Create the eyes. As we mentioned above, practice this in advance. The girl in the photo has even drawn eyes over her OWN eyes, by closing her eyes and drawing over her lids/eye area.
- Add in lashes, fix any mistakes and add in detail (such as the white 'reflection')

(Originally posted on Reddit by IT_Serpent)

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