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Last Minute Halloween Idea: 4-Step "Bloody Zombie Makeup" Using OATMEAL & GLUE!

Halloween is only two days away! If you're looking for a quick, last minute costume / makeup idea, try on the "Bloody Zombie" look for size! 

I wanted to try to do a super simple and quick look, using "ingredients" that most people already have at home. You won't have to run out to a Halloween supply outlet, and anything you don't already have in your cabinets can be found at your local grocery or drugstore! 

I gave myself FIVE minutes to pull together this look, from start to finish (and that included taking the photos). Special thanks to Justin, who volunteered to be my "model" / guinea pig and turn him into the undead. 

Below I have included a tutorial / instructions. Nothing below is written in stone- the great thing about this look is that the only items you *really* need to stick by the books for is the oatmeal and glue for the wounds. You can use almost anything to get the blood color.

You Will Need:


- Oatm…

Plastic Army Men Costume - Couple has one of the coolest costumes of the year!

"Plastic Army Men Costume" - The creator and his girlfriend MADE these costumes themselves. He said he went through 8 cans of primer and 6 cans of spray paint per costume. They are standing on cardboard cutouts they carried around for photos. (Reddit User: BritishRacingGreen)

Mummy Meatloaf - A Fun Halloween Dinner!

Here's another idea for a fun and filling dinner to have before Trick-or-Treating. All you have to do is make meatloaf as you normally would, but before baking, wrap in bacon and add onion and veggies for the eyes and mouth. Yummy, kooky, and a bit creepy! This will be a huge hit with the kids!

5 Easy & Fun Halloween Recipes- Make a Pre-Trick or Treating Family Dinner a New Tradition!! (The kids will have more energy & won't fill up on candy!)

With Halloween only a few days away, there's no better time to start getting in the spooky mood! This is such a wonderful and exciting time of year for kids, and I like to make it a tradition in my household to have a fun, pre-Halloween dinner before Trick-or-Treating. That way the kiddos will be filled up, you won't have to worry about a sudden loss of energy ("read: "Mommy I'm tired can you carry me!") and best of all, if they eat a filling meal before hand, they will be less tempted to stuff their faces with candy!

Here are simple ideas for a fun family Halloween dinner!

1) Mummy Hot Dogs


Pillsbury or store-brand dough or crescent rollshot dogsmustard or ketchup for eyes1. Pre-heat oven to 400°  2.Cut the dough into strips and wrap the hot dogs into mummies.  3. Bake for 15 minutes at 400°  4. Add mustard or ketchup dots for eyes.  Tip: You could cut the hot dogs in half for mini mummies.
2) Eye Ball Sub

Serves: 12 Ingredients1/2 cupdrained canned canne…

NYC Tattoo Artist BamBam asks his celeb clients to give HIM a tattoo- Justin Bieber gave him this tattoo....and someone dressed up as the "tattoo" for Halloween!

Celebrity Tattoo artist Bam-Bam (based in NYC) is known for inking famous bodies including Rihanna and Justin Bieber. Bam-Bam often asks his celeb clients to give HIM a tattoo, on a spot he has reserved on his arm for the star-artist's work. Justin Bieeber may have gave him the doughiest tattoo off them all....a rabbit (???) with the word "Swaggy" scribbled next to him.

Leave it to a creative Halloween-er to take the terrible ink to the next level...and DRESS UP as the SwaggyBunny. The below pic definitely brings the "LOL's"!  Original tattoo is on the left.

Miley Cyrus 2013 MTV VMA Makeup Tutorial. AWESOME Halloween Costume Tips & Tutorial COMING SOON!

We are currently working hard so by tomorrow both a "how to" video and written/photo instructions will be posted on how to create the BEST Miley Cyrus VMA Halloween Costume. We'll go over how to do Miley's exact makeup, make a costume, and style your hair so your Miley Halloween costume will be the envy of all! For a preview, check out the pictures below of a replicated Miley look and keep your eyes peeled!

The Power of a GREAT Foundation- How acne scars can easily be hidden

Over on Reddit I came across a photo of a beautiful young lady who posted a before / after picture with details of her makeup routine. I absolutely love these kinds of photos, because it's amazing to see what a little makeup and a smile can do. Within five minutes she was able to make her acne scars and red blotches disappear. Take notice of what a difference an even skin tone makes in ones appearance...and it's so easy to do! Below I have included the products she used (taken directly from her post) if you're interested in trying this gorgeous natural look!

Products used: Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Makeup in 150 Buff. I use this all over to even out my skin tone, but I use as little as possible. Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer in Shade 3 does all the heacy lifting, so to speak. It covers whatever still peeks through after my foundation. I also used it under my eyes today. Tarte Exposed Blush along the hollows of my cheeks for a little bit of a contour, and MAC Melba mo…

Emilia Clark from Game of Thrones without Makeup

Ah- The wonders of makeup! While we're on the subject of awesome makeup, lets chat about how amazing Game of Thrones makeup department is. It's always interesting to see celebrities without makeup, so here is a pic of the beautiful Emilia Clark au naturale, and a photo of her on set. See, NO ONE wakes up looking camera ready, even this beauty.

Comic Book Girl / Pop Art Halloween Costume and Makeup Tutorial

Last Halloween I decided to go as a "Comic Book Girl" or "Pop Art" after seeing pictures online This is an AWESOME, original idea that is actually super easy to create using minimal makeup. You'll be sure to stand out. Take a look at the pictures below (photo set from ) and the how-to comic book girl makeup step by step tutorial below! I've also included links to purchase the exact items needed to make it easier.

MAKEUP YOU WILL NEED FOR COMIC BOOK GIRL / POP ART (I've searched the web for the cheapest priced items and my 2018 favorites!)For the face color base:

WHITE HALLOWEEN MAKEUP ($10.99 on Amazon for AWESOME quality Mehron Makeup)

For the black outline:

BLACK WATERPROOF EYELINER PEN (2 PACK): This is a great formula that allows you to easily 'draw' on the outline. The best part is because it is waterproof it will prevent smudging like traditional stick facepaint would. It's also a two sided pen with two sizes that allows both precision an…

EYES WIDE OPEN- Voted "Scariest Halloween Costume and Makeup Ever" - What do YOU think?!

Looking for a Halloween costume that's super gross and gory? This may take the cake. Just make sure you're not within 100 yards of children or elderly!
This AWESOME makeup look was created using a form of latex makeup- it takes some skill, time, and practice but CAN be done!

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"Third Eye": Multi-Eyed Makeup Halloween Tutorial

Want to really creep people out this Halloween? With this cool eye makeup, you'll see everything!

Even those who aren't gifted artists should be able to pull this one off. Here's the tutorial on how to get this Halloween Eyes All Around Makeup.

PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT! Before applying any makeup, you will want to set aside time to practice drawing the eyes on your face. Try using different products until you find what works best for you. While the Halloween colored face paint sticks/pencils would work great, this look can also be achieved using a thin but firm eyeshadow brush and different colored eye shadows..or different colors of pencil eyeliner. For the white part of the eyes, use white halloween face paint. This may seem daunting, but with a little time and practice you will notice a lot of improvement. Don't expect it to look perfect the first time you try, which is why we recommend working on this in advance (ie; don't do this 10 minutes before you have to lea…

Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Makeup Tutorial : Photo Step by Step Tutorial


Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack and Sally Makeup for Halloween

Nightmare Before Christmas Makeup: Jack and Sally Edition Reddit user Arkrah was inspired by NBXmas and created these cool Halloween looks

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Double Face Mirror Image Makeup- COOLEST Halloween Makeup Ever?!

Double Face Mirror Image Makeup

Take a closer look- what you’re seeing isn’t a photography trick or double exposure- it’s actually makeup! We won’t even attempt a tutorial on this one because let’s be honest here- no matter how great you are at doing makeup to get this look you have to have serious drawing and artistic skills. Notice the impeccable shading, a creation by Reddit user AllonsoAllonsy. She claims she isn’t great with makeup, but is an artist. We beg to differ! Did YOU recreate this look? Show us your pics- we’ll post our favs! If we post yours, you’ll automatically be entered into our drawing to win some pretty cool Halloween inspired prizes.

See more awesome makeup ideas and tutorials (just in time for Halloween). Click the link to go back to our Halloween Makeup and Costume Blog!

Cat Chasing a String Eye Makeup via Katy Perry's Twitter

Noticed that Katy Perry posted this makeup on her Twitter account and had to share! This kitty cat chasing a string eye makeup is pretty genius!

How To Do Cat Eye Makeup: - Apply foundation to even skin tone (optional) - Using black eyeliner (the kind that comes in a “pot”-can be purchased at any drug store and includes brush) draw outline of cat, extending to tail into eyebrows. - Fill the color in, leaving two circles un-touched for the eyes. - Using colored eyebrow pencils or colored eyeshadow (use a tiny brush) fill in eye color/design as desired. - Cut a light weight piece of string (such as embroidery floss) to desired length. - Using false eyelash glue (make sure you have the type that dries clear) place several ‘dabs’ in places you would like the string attached. Optional: For a pop of color, add brightly colored eye shadow above the cat. Did you re-create this look? Show us your pics- we’ll post our favs! If we post yours, you are automatically entered into our contest to win s…

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