Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Comic Book Girl / Pop Art Halloween Costume and Makeup Tutorial

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Last Halloween I decided to go as a "Comic Book Girl" or "Pop Art" after seeing pictures online This is an AWESOME, original idea that is actually super easy to create using minimal makeup. You'll be sure to stand out. Take a look at the pictures below (photo set from ) and the how-to comic book girl makeup step by step tutorial below!


  • -Wash and Prime your face
  • -Apply a very light foundation on entire face and neck area. To get the perfect shade I mixed together my regular liquid foundation with white Halloween face paint (comes in a small tube and can be purchased at almost any drugstore/party store this time of year). I didn't want it to be *too* ghostly-white so mixing in a regular foundation to the paint worked perfectly.
  • - To get the dramatic comic book look, you are going to want to accent your feature to appear as if you are a drawing. This can be done using black halloween face paint/ pencil, or liquid/potted eyeliner. Here are the areas to do:

- Eyebrows (make the appear more dramatic and dark)
- Nose (Draw a line down the center, as well as lines where your nostrils meet your face, and lightly around the inside of your nostrils to create a shadowed appearance.
- Your upper hairline
- Ears
- Jawline (Under the earlobe earlobe, down under the chin and up to other earlobe)
- Outline of lips (But do this AFTER you apply red lipstick!)
- Eyes (Wait until after you apply eyeshadow)

  • - Apply eyeshadow, Make sure it's a color that pops, like bright blue or purple. The eyes need to be very dramatic, so make sure you extend the shadow up and over your eyelids until it's just below the brow bone. Outline the shadow with the black, and draw in "fake" lower lashes extending only from the outer, lower corner of the lid. Apply mascara (and big, false lashes if possible! The more over the top, the better!)

  • - Next you will be applying the "dots" onto your face to get the full comic book look. You can either do white or red dots. I think the red dots look more authentic. There are many ways to do this using anything from lipstick to face paint...but I've found one of the easiest is to use red pencil lip liner! Try to make sure all the dots are the same size and even. You may want to use a ruler as a guide. Great, uniform dots can turn this look from ordinary to extraordinary. TAKE YOUR TIME with these so they turn out as professional as possible- this will make or break your look. If the dots are crappy people will just think you're going as a weird chicken pox girl!

  • - Apply Red Lipstick. Line your lips with black. For an added pop, take a bit of white and put it on your lower lip to give a reflected look.

  • - If desired, add a tear (see above picture) or a comic book 'exclamation' (ex: "POW!"- Try to do authentic font as best as possible)

  • - To add to the look get a YELLOW, orange, or red wig (or spray your hair with colored Halloween hair spray). Add the black lines to your hair.

WORD OF ADVICE: If you are going to be wearing this makeup for an extended period of time (over an hour) make SURE to bring everything you need for touch ups and a bit of makeup remover with you. Because you are dealing with so many dots which are the focal point of the look, you want to make sure you are prepared in case any of the makeup runs or smudges (and believe me, this WILL most likely smudge. I had to touch mine up quite often from accidentally touching/itching, and even from my hair rubbing up against it)


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  6. Not sure if "POW" is appropriate for a girl crying unless she got beat up?

  7. anyone knows the name of the model in the first picture with the red hair?

    1. Search for 'July Lou' in Facebook ;)
      I'm pretty sure she doesn't know her picture is here.

    2. I think that's her, thank you. My friends all say I look like her in this picture, so wanted to see if she looks like me without the comic book makeup

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